AlloCoins Explained

Join the movement for more decentralized fashion and bring power to the people.

AlloCoin is the Fashion Coin. It was created with the intention of helping support creators, professionals, and brands in the fashion community.

In a nutshell, AlloCoins can be purchased on our platform and be converted into cryptocurrency, which can be used as payment on AlloFlare (and other platforms in the future), as well as be transferred to other members in the community to show support.

When you purchase AlloCoins and transfer it to one of our members, you can help support that member’s content, business and purpose, since AlloCoins can be converted into cryptocurrency when the recipient has an AlloFlare VIP membership.

AlloCoin is also a great investment option if you want to gain direct exposure to the demand for digital currency. For more info about our crypto token, please click here.

Our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is being sold only at AlloFlare with a limited amount available. After that, you will be able to buy AlloCoins in the open market.

Each AlloCoin is worth USD1.00 (1 AlloCoin = $1.00).

How to Purchase AlloCoins

You can buy AlloCoins using the widget on screen where it says “Buy AlloCoins” by entering the amount of coins you’d like to purchase, then clicking on “Buy Now”. You will then be redirected to Paypal’s payment getaway to complete your purchase. Each AlloCoin is worth USD1.00 (1 AlloCoin = $1.00).

Please note that this is not a cryptocurrency. Below is more info on how to convert your AlloCoins to crypto. You need to be logged in to purchase AlloCoins.

How to View Your Ballance

You can view your balance on the “My AlloCoin Ballance” widget. You need to be logged in to view your balance.

How to Transfer AlloCoins

You can transfer AlloCoins using the “Transfer AlloCoins to support a member” widget. This feature is made available to make transferring easy and avoid unnecessary gas fees on the blockchain.

You can transfer any amount that you currently have on your ballance. There is a daily transfer limit of 1000 AlloCoins.

In order to transfer AlloCoins to another member, you will need to know the recipient’s registered email address and enter it into the Recipient’s field.

You can also include an optional message to the recipient before you complete the transfer. You need to be logged in to transfer AlloCoins.

How to Covert Your AlloCoins to Cryptocurrency (ALLO)

In order for you to enjoy the benefits of converting your AlloCoins into crypto, you need to be a paying AlloFlare VIP member.

We have a minimum transfer requirement of 100 AlloCoins to protect our community.

Each AlloCoin (ALLO) is worth USD1.00 (1 AlloCoin = $1.00) and can currently only be purchased here at AlloFlare.

Once you have accumulated at least 100 AlloCoins and would like to convert a desired amount into crypto, please follow these instructions so we can transfer it into your personal crypto wallet:

1- Your AlloFlare registered email

2- The whole amount you want to convert to ALLO crypto (with no decimal places) – minimum amount is 100 AlloCoins.

3- Your crypto wallet public key

  • You will need to have a crypto wallet to be able to receive crypto funds.  A crypto wallet is a software program or physical device that allows you to store your crypto and allow for the sending and receiving of crypto. If you don’t already have one, you can download Metamask or Trust Wallet and follow their instructions to set up your wallet and find your public key.
  • Once you’ve submitted your information, you will receive a confirmation email from us when we approve your request. It may take a few business days for us to approve the transfer of the desired amount to your wallet.
  • Please make sure that all the information you submit is correct as AlloFlare is not responsible for any incorrect transfers due to invalid information.

*IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: Even though we don’t charge for conversions, there is a gas fee associated with crypto transfers which is covered by your membership. Therefore, you are required to be a paying member at AlloFlare (AlloFlare VIP Member) in order to receive the cryptocurrency from us.

We will not process any conversion requests from members involved in pornography, obscenity, abuse, spam, or any other illegal activity.