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Retro Ski Set of 9 DIGITAL ART PRINTS, sports aesthetic, ski house decor, vintage ski poster, downloadable vintage travel poster, Italy Germany

Retro Ski Set of 9 DIGITAL ART PRINTS, sports aesthetic, ski house decor, vintage ski poster, downloadable vintage travel poster, Italy Germany

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Printable wall art is a unique and affordable way to personalize your décor or give a personalized gift to someone.

Hi there! We are AlloFlare and we were created with you in mind <3. Our purpose is to provide you with art that expresses your personal style - as we call it “show your flare”. So whether you have a taste for hippie, boho, preppy, glam, sporty, country, we got something for you.


This is a digital product: a set of 9 wall prints as JPEG files in 5 scalable sizes (total of 45 JPEGs). PLEASE NOTE: NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT OF ANY TYPE IS INCLUDED.


Once your order is confirmed, you will immediately see the option to download the PDF file with the link to the prints located in Google Drive or by clicking on the email confirmation from us. Just download the pdf, open it, and click on the highlighted section to access your prints.

You will receive your digital art prints through the link located in the PDF file immediately available after payment confirmation. The link will take you to Google Drive where your prints are located. The print comes with 5 scalable, high-resolution JPEG files at 300 DPI each.

In this case, the 5 scalable JPEGs come in the following ratios:
① 2×3 ratio for printing:
Inches: 4×6”, 6×9”, 8×12”, 10×15, 12×18”, 16×24, 20×30”, 24×36”
Cm: 10×15, 20×30, 30×45, 40×60, 60×90
② 3×4 ratio for printing:
Inches: 6×8”, 9×12”, 12×16”, 15×20”, 18×24”, 24×32”
Cm: 15×20, 30×40, 45×60, 60×80
③ 4×5 ratio for printing:
Inches: 4×5”, 8×10”, 12×15”, 16×20”, 20×25”, 24×30”
Cm: 8×10, 12×15, 40×50, 72×90
④ ISO (International Standard Size) for printing:
A5, A4, A3, A2, A1
Cm: 5×7, 50×70
⑤ 11×14 ratio for printing:
Inches: 11×14”
Please use the provided “Wall art size guide for printing” document as a reference to these ratios.

You can get high quality printouts within these dimensions and ratios, which will give you the ability to personalize the space of your dreams, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or office space.

You can easily print this decor at home or send it to your local print shop. Here are some popular options in the US, many charging cents for each print: Walmart, Costco Photo Center, Target, UPS, Walgreens, Shutterfly, Office Depot.
NOTE: for better quality and better-looking art print, use matte, satin, or heavier-weight paper.

Due to the nature of the instant digital download, all sales are final.
AlloFlare will not provide refunds, exchanges, or order cancellations. But don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any problems with your order.

This purchase is intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Modification, resale, or public distribution of any kind for commercial purposes, is strictly forbidden.

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