Style Personality Test: Discover Your Art, Fashion and Decor Persona

Our style personality quiz is a unique and engaging tool designed to help you discover your aesthetic preferences for art, interior design, decor and even fashion.

Much like a personality test, this assessment delves into one's taste, lifestyle, and preferences to categorize them into distinct decor personality styles. Whether you lean towards glam, preppy, street, sporty, rocker, alternative, hippie, boho, vintage, country, coastal, surfer, or a combination of many, this test guides individuals in understanding their unique design preferences.

By pinpointing your persona art style and decor personality, you gain valuable insights into the colors, patterns, and furnishings that resonate with your personal taste, making it easier to curate a living space that truly feels like home.

Choose the option that resonates most with you for each question.


1- Which of these fashion icons do you admire the most?

a) Audrey Hepburn
b) Prince William
c) Rihanna
d) Serena Williams
e) David Bowie
f) Johnny Depp
g) Janis Joplin
h) Stevie Nicks
i) Marilyn Monroe
j) Blake Shelton
k) Blake Lively
l) Kelly Slater


    2- What's your ideal weekend getaway?

    a) A luxury spa retreat
    b) A charming coastal town
    c) Exploring a vibrant city
    d) A camping and hiking adventure
    e) Attending a music festival
    f) Visiting a vintage flea market
    g) A yoga and meditation retreat
    h) A music or arts festival
    i) A countryside bed and breakfast
    j) Line dancing at a country bar
    k) Relaxing on a yacht
    l) Surfing at the beach


      3- Your go-to outfit for a casual day out is:

      a) A sleek cocktail dress
      b) A button-down shirt with khakis
      c) Ripped jeans and a graphic tee
      d) Yoga pants and a sports jersey
      e) Leather jacket and band tee
      f) Vintage dress with boho accessories
      g) Flowy maxi dress and headband
      h) Bohemian floral print dress
      i) A fitted retro dress with pearls
      j) Cowboy boots and plaid shirt
      k) Linen shorts and a sunhat
      l) Board shorts and a tank top


        4- What type of music moves you the most?

        a) Classical
        b) Pop
        c) Rap/Hip-Hop
        d) Electronic/Dance
        e) Rock
        f) Indie/Alternative
        g) Reggae
        h) Folk
        i) Jazz
        j) Country
        k) Beach/Reggae
        l) Surf Rock


          5- Your dream home interior is:

          a) Minimalist, with lots of white and metallic accents
          b) Nautical-themed with blue and white decor
          c) Urban loft with exposed brick and industrial elements
          d) Sporty, showcasing your favorite team's memorabilia
          e) Edgy with dark colors and bold artwork
          f) A vintage paradise with retro furniture and decor
          g) Bohemian, with tapestries and lots of plants
          h) Eclectic, filled with handmade and unique items
          i) Retro, with mid-century modern furniture
          j) Rustic and country-inspired
          k) Relaxed beach vibes with light, airy colors
          l) A surfer's paradise with beachy décor


            6- Which accessory do you feel incomplete without?

            a) Statement necklace
            b) Pearl earrings
            c) Baseball cap
            d) Athletic watch
            e) Leather wristband
            f) Multiple rings and bracelets
            g) Flower crown
            h) Beaded or tasseled earrings
            i) Vintage brooch
            j) Cowboy boots
            k) Straw sunhat
            l) Surfer necklace


              7- What's your favorite pattern or print?

              a) Polka dots
              b) Stripes
              c) Camouflage
              d) Geometric shapes
              e) Skulls and crossbones
              f) Tie-dye
              g) Paisley
              h) Floral
              i) Houndstooth
              j) Plaid
              k) Nautical stripes
              l) Tropical prints


                8- Your ideal date night involves:

                a) An upscale restaurant with fine dining
                b) A romantic picnic by the beach
                c) Trying a trendy food truck
                d) Going to a live sports event
                e) Attending a rock concert
                f) An underground indie music show
                g) A drum circle at a local park
                h) Stargazing and a bonfire
                i) A classic movie screening
                j) Line dancing at a country bar
                k) A beachside dinner
                l) A moonlit surf session


                  9- Your dream job would be:

                  a) CEO of a fashion company
                  b) An investment banker
                  c) Street artist or skateboarder
                  d) Professional athlete
                  e) Rockstar or music producer
                  f) Independent artist or writer
                  g) Yoga instructor or holistic healer
                  h) Environmental activist
                  i) Antique store owner
                  j) Rancher or rodeo performer
                  k) Beach resort manager
                  l) Professional surfer


                    10- When it comes to color preferences, which one resonates with you the most?

                    a) Silver and gold
                    b) Navy and white
                    c) Black and gray
                    d) Bold primary colors
                    e) Dark and edgy colors
                    f) Earthy tones
                    g) Warm and vibrant hues
                    h) Rich, exotic colors
                    i) Retro pastels
                    j) Rustic and earthy colors
                    k) Coastal blues and greens
                    l) Oceanic blues and sunny yellows


                      11- Which movie genre resonates with you the most?

                      a) Classic Hollywood glamour
                      b) Romantic comedies
                      c) Action-packed thrillers
                      d) Sports and adventure films
                      e) Rock documentaries or music biopics
                      f) Indie or arthouse films
                      g) Nature and environmental documentaries
                      h) Bohemian or folk-inspired films
                      i) Vintage or classic cinema
                      j) Westerns or country-themed movies
                      k) Beach and surfing films
                      l) Surfing and water sports documentaries


                        12- What's your preferred footwear choice for a casual day out?

                        a) Stilettos or high heels
                        b) Boat shoes or loafers
                        c) Sneakers or high-tops
                        d) Athletic sneakers or running shoes
                        e) Boots, like combat or biker boots
                        f) Vintage-inspired lace-up boots
                        g) Sandals or barefoot
                        h) Birkenstock-style sandals
                        i) Classic pumps or retro footwear
                        j) Cowboy boots or western-style shoes
                        k) Espadrilles or flip-flops
                        l) Surfing sandals or barefoot water shoes


                          13- What's your preferred way to spend a rainy day?

                          a) Curling up with a good book and a glass of wine
                          b) Sipping tea and watching a period drama
                          c) Watching action-packed movies
                          d) Playing indoor sports or video games
                          e) Listening to rock music and sketching
                          f) Getting creative with arts and crafts
                          g) Meditating and connecting with nature
                          h) Playing a musical instrument
                          i) Scouring antique shops for hidden gems
                          j) Baking and cooking comfort food
                          k) Watching surf documentaries
                          l) Surfing in the rain


                            14- Your preferred mode of transportation is:

                            a) A luxury car or limousine
                            b) A classic convertible or yacht
                            c) A sleek sports car or motorcycle
                            d) A rugged SUV or off-road vehicle
                            e) A vintage motorcycle or custom car
                            f) A bicycle or public transportation
                            g) A colorful VW bus or camper van
                            h) A bicycle with a basket
                            i) A vintage car with character
                            j) A pickup truck
                            k) A beach cruiser or longboard
                            l) A surfboard


                              15- Your favorite inspirational quote is:

                              a) "Elegance is the only beauty that never fades." - Audrey Hepburn
                              b) "Dress like you've made something of yourself in the world." - Unknown
                              c) "The harder you work, the luckier you get." - Gary Player
                              d) "The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday." - Unknown
                              e) "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring." - David Bowie
                              f) "Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are." - Gianni Versace
                              g) "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - Martin Luther King Jr.
                              h) "Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
                              i) "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." - Chinese Proverb
                              j) "Work hard, stay humble." - Unknown
                              k) "Life's a beach."
                              l) "Ride the wave."



                                Count how many times you selected each letter (a, b, c, etc.) to determine your dominant fashion and decor style. The style with the highest number of selections is the one that best reflects your personality:

                                - Mostly A's: **Glam**

                                - Mostly B's: **Preppy**

                                - Mostly C's: **Street**

                                - Mostly D's: **Sporty**

                                - Mostly E's: **Rocker**

                                - Mostly F's: **Alternative**

                                - Mostly G's: **Hippie**

                                - Mostly H's: **Boho**

                                - Mostly I's: **Vintage**

                                - Mostly J's: **Country**

                                - Mostly K's: **Coastal**

                                - Mostly L's: **Surfer**


                                Keep in mind that personal style can be a blend of different fashion personas, so don't be surprised if you resonate with multiple styles. Use this test as a starting point to explore and celebrate your unique personality!

                                And don't hesitate to check out AlloFlare's printable art and posters that match your personality's style.